Responseability and Asendia have been working together since summer 2019.


About Responseability


Responseability is all about caring for the planet and saving the ocean. They are a Danish startup making unisex sunglasses out of plastic collected from the ocean. One pair of sunglasses removes 1 kg of plastic from the ocean.

Responseability and Asendia have been working together since summer 2019. 




The Challenge

As a startup they were looking for a shipping company with fair prices that could ship worldwide, especially to their main markets which are the USA and Australia. They wanted a company they could trust and had experience within their market. Also, with being new to the game they were seeking a partner that could guide them through the processes.


The Solution

At ResponSEAbility it is not only about price, the service is just as important. Asendia offered a solution that was cheaper than most companies in Denmark and a great service alongside it.  

"Asendia helped us the whole way and guided us through all the steps that we needed to take. With their e-PAQ Plus solution, we can offer our customers security with the distribution of their packages. When shipping from Denmark to countries like the USA and Australia, this was an important feature for us."

Also, ResponSEAbility found our shipping platform, Asendia Connect powered by ShippyPro, very intuitive and easy to navigate– making the whole shipping process much easier. 

The key indicators for ResponSEAbility choosing Asendia were: 

e-PAQ Plus delivery for a fair price

High quality customer service

Experience within their main markets

 Easily integrated system with Asendia Connect powered by ShippyPro

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We have a special love for Asendia due to their outstanding service. Our contact person always answers us within 5 minutes and helps us no matter the situation. This is hard to find with other companies, especially within the shipping. To us, this is one of the top benefits. This is also why we are sticking with Asendia and have not moved to another company.


We want to be able to help our customers as quickly as possible, and Asendia really helps us in achieving this. The relationship with Asendia can be described as a really good friendship, because that is what it feels like – they never let us down.

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