Global etailers – Are You Putting Yourselves in the Shopper’s Shoes?

04 September, 2019


Most online retailers cannot simply add international shipping as an option and suddenly realise global success. If your e-commerce website offers shipping to shoppers outside your borders, have you ever taken the time to put yourselves in the shopper’s shoes? Every step of the shopper’s journey has an impact on the final decision to purchase, as well as the potential for repeat business.

If you’re running an established online store that already sells and ships internationally, you may be wondering if there’s still room to increase your global business. For example, could your online store be losing potential sales from shoppers outside your borders because the shipping rates are too high or the shopping experience isn’t localised? Are international shoppers hesitant to complete the purchase because you don’t offer global returns? Or, maybe you offer amazing products that global shoppers would love, but they’ve never heard of your website.

Whatever the reason your internet retailer business isn’t flourishing globally, we can help! Asendia’s cross-border e-commerce solutions support your business’s growth all around the world, making global e-commerce easy and reliable. International shipping is our specialty! Many of Asendia’s e-commerce clients are fast-growing online retailers and established global brands. We support them with acquiring new customers, managing and delivering orders, and with their transactions and returns. We provide everything you need from start to finish.

So, put yourself in the shopper’s shoes and start growing your business today. Let’s get started!


Offer Options
Imagine being the online shopper who is incredibly excited about the product they found on your website and ready to finalize the sale, only to find out the shipping cost is nearly as much as the cost of the item itself – ultimately doubling the final price. Many shoppers will quickly abandon a shopping cart due to limited choice of shipping options. If you offer  international shipping, take a close look at your shipping rates and ask yourself if you might be losing potential customers due to limited shipping options. Asendia has developed a range of  Goods services to meet the needs of online retailers. Our solutions ensure the swift, reliable, and secure international delivery of your packages at affordable rates. Etailers also have the option to use our network of warehouses around the world to store goods locally. Asendia’s team will pick and pack items for you, with an eye on quality control, giving you more time to focus on growth.

Remove the Fear of Commitment

Now, imagine this same shopper is happy with the shipping options, but still reluctant to finalise the sale for fear they could be stuck with a product that doesn’t fit, or is the wrong item, or the wrong color, and so on. When the etailer doesn’t offer Returns on global purchases, shoppers are understandably reluctant to purchase from outside their borders. Asendia’s cost-effective Returns solutions bring peace of mind for retailers in their cross-border returns management. Our solutions are simple and flexible, offering your customers convenient international and domestic returns. Shoppers are encouraged to complete their orders, with the confidence that they can return their products easily, if needed.

Make the Shopper Feel at Home

A quick way to lose shoppers before they even start filling a shopping cart is to have a website that doesn’t cater to their language, currency, sizing, etc. Through our partner, eShopWorld, Asendia can offer you integrated e-commerce solutions to support your web shop’s transaction process, localising the online shopping experience and creating a reassuring feel that customers will want to return to time after time, helping you increase conversions and grow global sales.


Introduce Yourself

Do you offer international shipping and products that global shoppers would love, but you’re not getting web traffic from outside your borders? Global Direct Mail is an effective way to share your brand with the world! While digital channels have grown quickly, direct mail has retained its status as one of the most effective marketing tools available. In fact, the average response rate for direct mail is more than 36 times what it is for email. By simply mailing a catalogue to your international target audience, you can drive global traffic to your web shop, improve visibility, and boost revenue. Asendia’s global Direct Marketing solutions help you introduce your brand globally and ensure efficient customer acquisition all around the world.


Ultimately, achieving success in global e-commerce begins with understanding online shoppers around the world. Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes and take an honest look at the shopping experience you offer them. If there’s room for improvement, contact Asendia. We're here to help you grow your e-commerce business all over the world!

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