Germany – Backlog of airmail in Frankfurt

15 december, 2016

Deutsche Post asks us to inform the designated operators of other Union member countries of the following:

Owing to the recent Lufthansa pilots' strike and service limitations imposed by that airline, coupled with extremely heavy peak volumes, there is presently heavy congestion for airmail at Frankfurt Airport. Deutsche Post's office of exchange in Frankfurt is running smoothly, and there are no major delays for mail arriving or leaving by road. However, all the airport logistics and the Frankfurt airmail centre are severely impacted.

Deutsche Post is attempting to bypass the affected areas wherever possible, but heavy delays in the processing of inbound, outbound and transit airmail are inevitable. The situation is likely to remain critical for several days at least. Between now and 23 December, it is therefore advisable for designated operators to dispatch mail to Frankfurt by surface routes wherever possible, in order to ensure smooth processing.

Deutsche Post thanks all member countries for their understanding and cooperation.